Anti-marketing by Andy Matuschak

If you make anti-marketing the goal, then interesting challenges become a positive thing: fodder for public conversation, not something to be swept under the rug.

My Information Operating System Part 1: Reading by Kyle Stratis

My goal when reading is to generate knowledge and insights that can be connected with knowledge and insights derived from other sources. That is a mouthful to say that I want to integrate information from something I read and connect it to my existing knowledge.

Why are there so many minor scales by Ethan Hein

The minor-key world is more complicated than the major-key world. But that also makes for a lot of musical variety. Let’s dig in!

Levels of Racism: Systemic vs Individual – Anti-racism Resources – Research Help at Fitchburg State University via D. Elisabeth Glassco on Mastodon

We pledge to provide access to information, resources, and programming that works towards dismantling the racist systems on which our country has been built, as well as the many other insidious forms of inequality that persist in our society.

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Lynn’s songs defied societal expectations by connecting her musical representations of working-class and rural women to broader social issues affecting women across the U.S.

She aimed for her music to articulate the fears, dreams and anger of women living in a patriarchal society. It railed against those who idealized women’s domestic roles and demonized outspoken feminists.

From Loretta Lynn was more than a great songwriter – she was a spokeswoman for white rural working-class women

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And maybe you do too.

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I am watching the last episode of Ken Burns' Country Music

And I am singing along, couch dancing, to Garth Brooks. I saw him at the Miramar Air Base in San Diego with the Judds. I listened to Thunder Rolls on a home recorded tape, driving back from Las Vegas. Poorer coming home than we were leaving. Everyone else in the car asleep. The A side ends and there is a long gap; I'm looking at what there is to look at on the road between Las Vegas and San Diego which is not a lot. Thunder Rolls starts and terrifies me. I jerk the steering wheel hard and everyone wakes up. And we laughed about it because no one was on the road with us and we didn't get into an accident.

I checked on him before I wrote this post. I know that I danced to him, the Tahoe Touch and the Texas Two-Step because he said things that made us believe, women dancing with women, men dancing with men, that he saw us and he was willing to stand up for the love he saw.

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