Cover of the Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles

It was an accidental purchase. I mistake of a Christmas gift. I liked A Gentleman in Moscow enough that I decided to keep Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. The Lincoln Highway feels like a nostalgic visit to a past U.S. that may or may not have existed. The landscape does not sprawl. It is close in to the sides of a train, the inside of a car, even a boat at the very end.

Somehow for me this book, beautiful written and with a variety of well drawn characters, never hits its stride. And then end felt, well, like a twist to many and outside of the scope of the story itself. I'm not sure, honestly, if I would recommend it. Though I may be alone in that.

Other perspectives:

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Logistics: I had this book in hardcover, purchased from Pegasus Books in Berkeley. I read it at night, before falling asleep. Sometimes a paragraph, backing up the next time to remember what I read. Book 07 finished 18 February.

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