Finished reading The Fediverse is Already Dead by noracodes j and still trying to work out what I think — which I love. Some initial thoughts:

  • ActivityPub is where it’s at. I keep wondering if there’s a way ActivityPub can help make social graphs so those are the networks we talk about rather than the tool, such as Mastodon
  • I like the distinction of talking about communities and prioritizing the values of the particular server or instance
  • I would also separate the idea of a network which can cross communities
  • Tools like are using ActivityPub to help people publish and share across tools — even different form factors
  • Others like let you publish to Mastodon. I worry about the value of that republishing when it doesn't come with engagement
  • PolicyKit is a decentralized tool that replaces permissions/roles with rules/policies. I wonder if it could be integrated with, say, a mastodon server so that the community itself could determine the rules
  • I just read about Spring '83 last night so this might really be recency bias but ... I wonder how the concept of a “board” articulated in that protocol could be used to help follow across a wide variety of published content and how it could play with/use ActivityPub

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